How to Prevent Addiction to Zopiclone Some people easily get addicted to the medicine they have been prescribed. Whether it is sleeping pills or painkillers, the chances of becoming somewhat depended on such medical treatments are less likely but still possible. In the previous blog, we have discussed that patients with previous experience of drug-abuse (alcohol, medications,etc.) are more likely to become obsessive to certain pills, especially sedatives. However, patients who have not had such issues in the past or currently can also become addictive to Zopiclone, pain medications, or other sedatives.

Although the Zopiclone sleeping pills are less likely to make a user addictive, there is still a slight chance. Usually, these tablets are prescribed for a very short period of time for treatment. And if directions are followed as instructed by a doctor, the chances of having any problems, whether addictive or any side effects are significantly reduced.

In the case of addiction, a doctor may decide that a patient can be treated at home or at a facility. And that depends on how severe the addiction is. If a treatment is not required at a facility, a doctor may recommend all of the steps listed below, some of them or just one, depending on the case.

Reduce the Dose

Zopiclone is prescribed for no more than two – four weeks or sometimes a bit longer, depending on the case and the doctor’s decision after careful examination. However, when longer treatment is required, the dose is usually reduced to less.

Along with the reduced dose, in some cases, doctors may recommend and/or completely change a patient’s diet. In addition to that, a change of scene can also help.

However, exercise is one of the most reliable and considerably fast ways for recovery from addiction. Doctors always recommend exercise, not only for such cases but in general, physical training is good for a person’s overall health.

Change the Medication

Some doctors change Zopiclone with Diazepam because it is easier to get off the medication once stopped.

Reduce the Dose

Seek Psychological Treatment

Change the MedicationWhen addicted to any type of drugs, there is a psychological aspect that also needs to be treated. Counseling, whether one-on-one or in a group is very helpful. First, a psychologist job is to find out what causes and triggers the patients to use the drug in question. Second, a professional will get to the bottom of the problem. Third, coping strategies are in place, teaching a client how to avoid the addiction problem. And since every person is different, each case is unique in its own ways, and a specific method is offered to each patient – one that actually works for him or her.

Some people think that it is shameful or weird to seek psychological help. But rest assured that this is the least of your worries and probably a big mistake if such treatment is avoided. There is nothing weird, shameful, or even bad about that. Psychologists are experts who are capable of helping, no matter what the problem is.

Support from Friends and Family Members

Addiction does not affect only one person but family and friends as well. However, their encouraging support, to the patient that is recovering, is of vital importance. A patient with addiction problems can get a lot of emotional support from his or her closest relatives.

Often times, addiction leads to loneliness, cravings, or no desire to get better at all. These feelings start occurring because changes occur in the brain, meaning that the body becomes gradually depended on the substance used. That is why emotional support is very important. When the patient is lonely, it is safe for them to know that there is a shoulder to cry on, a reminder to stay away from the addiction in question, and motivation to stay away from the medication.

In conclusion, it is important to follow the directions of your doctor on how to take the Zopiclone tablets and if by any chance a patient becomes addicted to them, strictly follow what their GP recommends. Although it is highly unlikely to become addicted to these sleeping pills, there is still a possible chance. People can and have become obsessive by taking Aspirin – a harmless pill, which most people have taken for one reason or another. There is nothing to be frightened about because every pill produced and prescribed has side effects and possible addiction.

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